hahaWHATEVER News & Updates On Equestrian Clothing

  • What's on the horizon?

    Always thinking and testing.  Here's what I'm working on now!
  • Wow - you can really dance!

    Multi-Function Neck 'Gators' - an example of something I want and need and hope others do too!  More than the 'quick-draw' mask, I wanted cooling action, sun protection and something cute.  Let's see if I can start an Equestrian trend, hahaWHATEVER style!
  • What I'm working on - January 2020

    I am bringing in my first few tests for sun shirts!! Super excited and hopeful they are the quality I want for hahaWHATEVER! My jump saddle is FINA...
  • Passion - why I think it's important to follow your dreams

    Some initial thoughts in why I started hahaWHATEVER.  Maybe this little story will encourage one of you to take action and start thinking about what you want to do when you grow up.
  • Horse with Hay - deciding on shirt design

    I am trying to figure out what caption I want to use for my latest shirt!  Feel free to send me your vote via the 'Contact Us' section.
  • hahaWHATEVER - ha huh?

    I will not be offended if you share the hahaWHATEVER web link with everyone you know.
  • Make sure you laugh today!

    Laugh today!  Laughter is good for the soul and even helps to work your stomach muscles.  If you have seen me personally, you'll probably think to ...
  • New design is on it's way!! ETA September 15th

    I am SUPER excited to get my first batch of the "You OK?" shirts for the hahaWHATEVER Horse line!  After going back and forth for what seems like a...