New design is on it's way!! ETA September 15th

I am SUPER excited to get my first batch of the "You OK?" shirts for the hahaWHATEVER Horse line!  After going back and forth for what seems like a million times and getting the continuous 'roll of the eyes' from my family members, I finally made the decision on this design.

For those of you who know me, you may notice the horse image looks familiar.  Yes, it's Nimeesha, my horse, and it was taken by yours truly while laying underneath her on the ground.  This experience has been all too real for me over the past few years through no fault of hers!  

I plan to try some blogging under this tab "I wonder what this button does" as hahaWHATEVER continues to grow and hopefully make people laugh.  Bear in mind, I have never blogged before, so it may be an interesting read.  Or, maybe a good insomnia read!

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