Make sure you laugh today!

Laugh today!  Laughter is good for the soul and even helps to work your stomach muscles.  If you have seen me personally, you'll probably think to yourself that I need to laugh a heck of a lot more!  😒

What can you laugh at?  Here are some suggestions:

* Yourself - this is my favorite one and usually only I understand the joke because it's usually not that funny. 😁 

* Random Strangers - this is a good one, but it's best to sometimes not actually LOL.  The polite way do this, in most cases, is when they don't see or hear you!

* Other Drivers - if you drive, you're bound to experience a negative feeling toward them once in a while.  In my case, it's usually every time I drive and often 'interesting' phrases come out of my mouth that I forget to filter.  Well, why not turn those these phrases into a funny thought like, 'Jesus loves you!'?  [see 'story below' for the back story on this little phrase - hahaWHATEVER]

Family - I don't think I have to explain too much here.

Pets - See Image.  Our dog, Damba, is OK and that is the ONLY reason I think this was a funny picture.  The poor little man was on the end of the slide hanging on for dear life for almost an hour before I came home and rescued him.  Another shirt design, 'Frenchies Float', may appear at some point in the future if I find enough French Bulldog lovers that understand the humor behind it...more on that later, but just know it's not morbid or anything like that.  

Well, I think that's enough for now.  Stay tuned for more random thoughts to come.....




'story below' 

I grew up Catholic and we had some close friends who were very religious.  The dad is a very sweet person; the type who would never ever even think a mean thought about anyone else.  My sister told me his kids taught him that holding your middle finger up to someone else was a gesture that 'Jesus loves you!'  I guess he was a very slow driver and often people would honk their horns loudly, drive around him and give the 'Jesus Loves You' gesture.  Of course, he believed this was a sign from Jesus and started to spread the word to others.  He'd do a quick honk here and there at other drivers just to give them the finger and say "Hey buddy, Jesus Loves you!!"  Now, when I get mad at another driver, I give them the 'Jesus Loves You!' gesture, but usually below the dashboard unless I forget.  


PS:  I was told that blogging can make you rich and maybe even famous.  I believe everything people say!!


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