hahaWHATEVER - ha huh?

Yep, you read it right, hahaWHATEVER is the name!  It's catchy!!  

It all started a long long time ago when I complained to my husband about the 1 important and 5000 unimportant emails in my mailbox.  I asked him to set up an email alias to use because he's so smart.  My husband, an absolute genius, thought about it for a whole 30 seconds and then said, "Something like amy@hahawhatever.com?"  I burst out laughing and bugged him until he set it up for me.  

I actually really liked this email because it was fun to listen to the 3 second pause after I said it and then get the little chuckle.  Laughter is so good for the soul!  Try it and you'll see:-)

My goal in deciding to start up the business of hahaWHATEVER is to make money.  Oh, it's also my mission to make at least a few people with an odd sense of humor laugh each day.  If anything, I'm enjoying coming up with witty and not-so-witty things to keep myself laughing at myself for being so clever.

Well, that's the story for now - thanks for listening and make sure to keep checking back to see how hahaWHATEVER continues to evolve and what unique and funny things I come up with!  I plan to add new items often and will expand quickly beyond horses and wine because I'm tired of seeing my husband and daughters roll their eyes:-(

Take care and happy shopping!  


PS:  Most of my humor is stolen from my husband, loved one's and my horse.  The first horse themed shirt, in fact, is based on continuous real-life events!!

PPS:  I will not be offended if you share the hahaWHATEVER web link with everyone you know.  It will also not upset me if you know someone who knows someone famous who starts wearing or using my "whatever's" and then someday I become famous too - hahaWHATEVER, yea right!

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