Wow - you can really dance!

I have reminded myself many times that I need to start doing some blog posts!  Well, here goes!

Let's talk about one of the items I'm bringing in and why.  As I type, we are hopefully on the back side of the COVID pandemic.  Times hsve been scary and stressful and it saddens me to think that life will be forever changed with regard to how we view 'germs'.  When this started, I had many manufacturers reaching out asking if I wanted to bring in and sell masks. Never once did I consider this becaise I did not want to profit off of a sad situation.  I also kind of freak out about something covering my nose and mouth.

Back on track now.  I started wearing a cotton tube headband around my neck when this started.  I had a few of these laying in my drawer from years ago that were designed for use as a way to pull hair up under your helmet.  It was my 'quick draw' face cover and I wore it all the time!  People commented how much they liked it and I did too.  I kept thinking it would be nice if I could find something lighter weight to double as sun protection and as a cooling towel in addition to a 'quick draw' mask.  

Well, I did some research and brought in a few colors to test.  The material was so much nicer and the design well thought out.  Everyone has been fighting over who gets to try them and now I only have 3 left.  They passed my rigorous hahaWHATEVER quality check tests with flying  colors snd my first round is already in production.  I have to trust my gut on this and start a new fashion trend at the same time!  

I expect these in late June, so fingers crossed everyone else loves them as much as I do!

Take care and mask up!



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