White Show Breeches V2 with Full Seat or Knee Patch in sizes 20 to 38 hhW

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hahaWHATEVER has put so much thought into this new design.  How do we do it?  Hours and hours of listening to customers, top trainers and top riders in the Equestrian industry.  We spend so much time preparing for shows and we DESERVE to be comfortable AND look good for these special days!  No tights here...just good feeling that flatters!!

Here are some of the features built in to these amazing breeches:

  • Lightweight yet durable with a Polyamide and Spandex blend that keeps its shape and comes clean in the washer!
  • Usable Front Zipper Pockets with a subtle bling accent- who needs Faux?  We need FUNCTION!
  • Back pockets lined with silicone on the inside top to keep your valuables secure before you go into the ring.  How many times have you searched frantically for your phone as you're getting ready?  No more worrying about that!
  • Double belt loops around with a touch of bling on the back middle.  We don't want to sit on back pocket bling!
  • Silicone along the inside belt to keep your shirt where it should be - tucked in!
  • Sock bottom for comfort.
  • Front zipper with double button slide clasp and covered on the inside to save your skin.