Men's Breeches Full Seat and Knee Patch - exclusive hhW design

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Men, we've got you covered with these Charcoal breeches!  Welcome to the first round of hhW designed mens breeches!  All the thought and design detail hahaWHATEVER is known for has been tailored just for you!  This is a first round with very limited supply, so get them before they're gone!


Available in full seat or knee-patch silicone and so many features:

  • Functional front and back pockets
  • Deep side pocket to fit the larger phones with ease 
  • Silicone along inside of waist to keep your shirt tucked in
  • Front zipper on the correct side with a single button
  • Inside fabric covering the front buckle for added comfort
  • Roomy in the legs
  • Sturdy cotton, nylon and spandex blend offering good stretch while wearing and eliminating shrinkage.