Collection: Cancer Sucks!

Nimeesha, my Heart Horse and inspiration behind ALL things hahaWHATEVER, has cancer.  In May, just before I moved to Florida, I brought her to UC Davis to be evaluated by their team of Equine Oncologists.  She was diagnosed with a hemangiosarcoma in the membranes around her eye, something most vets have never seen in this area.  Her eye itself is healthy and initial staging showed no signs of spreading to other vital organs. 

I made the decision to get her treated and am so thankful I have had resources to do so.  To date, Nimeesha has undergone 6 rounds of systemic chemo and 2 rounds of intralesional chemo.  She is super strong, hasn't skipped a meal (that's my girl😅) and is handling everything without complaints.  As you can imagine, the expenses have been very high and additional rounds of chemo were added as a precaution.  If you are willing and able, I could use your help for this last part which may include radiation.  My hope is to have her with me in Ocala by Christmas.  


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