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Nimeesha, my Unicorn, has been the inspiration behind all things hahaWHATEVER from day 1 with the funny t-shirt I designed.  So much has been humor related, but lately it's been a roller-coaster of emotions.  

I had typed out several paragraphs explaining everything that has happened, but have decided to keep it short and simple and focus more on Nimeesha's funny personality and how she has developed her own little fan club😅  So, look for little clips and videos or funny stories to come soon🥰

So, the short and simple of my request for your support - Nimeesha has a form of cancer that is quite rare in horses.  The process  has been going on for a few months and everything is being expedited now that she is being cared for by the vets at UC Davis in California.  I am extremely thankful that they have taken her under their care (I actually cried tears of relief when they returned my call).  If she can be helped, I am 100% confident they can do it!  

We thought we had a good game plan in place a week ago, but things just changed when additional biopsy results came back.  Now, more tests must be run before a treatment plan (praying now there is still one) can be determined.  I expected to ask for some support, but not this soon😪  I don't want to ever make ANYONE uncomfortable as I know we all have things happen that are heartbreaking and I shouldn't be different than anyone else, right?  Well, I have decided to swallow my pride and put it out there to do whatever is in my power to determine if my horse can be successfully treated and treat her.  





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